World champions honored at Parachute Reunion


This sport is like no other, in it’s simplest form it is a sport where you can spread you wings and fly high in the sky. 

Just a couple of miles from Yuma, Arizona stands Felicity, California, a city founded by Jacques-Andre-Istel who is known for popularizing parachuting in America and finding the ‘Center of the World’.

In 1956 he led the American team he organized to the World of Championship Parachuting.  And that was just the beginning, later in 1957 he founded the National Collegiate Parachuting League. His students became the first members of the U.S. Army named the Golden Knights Parachute team.

Friday morning at the ‘Celebration at Felicity’ the Museum of History in Granite highlighted the unveiling of a historic monument that celebrates the centuries of friendship between France and the U.S., the museum also highlighted the pioneers in the sport of parachuting.  Curt Curtis, one of the honorees and newly engraved name to the parachuting Hall of Fame was also in attendance and shares that he has never thought he would land in the center of the world with his name in granite. 

Many pioneers of the sport were also in attendance including two women from the first ever USA Women’s Parachute team and one of the men from the first group ever to join in the sport. 

This event will go on until March 11th and more information can be found on their website below:


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