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A climber has been branded an ‘idiot’ after trying to make it up the UK’s tallest mountain wearing nothing but flip-flops on her feet.

No socks, no climbing shoes – just a thin sole and a string of plastic to keep her stable. I hate to say it, but even Crocs would’ve been a better choice.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

Facebook user Janey Ballantyne, who was also climbing the 1,345 metre Ben Nevis last week, posted a picture of the woman’s impractical climbing gear alongside the caption: “Let’s walk Ben Nevis in flip flops. REALLY? Needless to say she didn’t get to the top!”

Not only is she wearing what is supposed to be beach footwear, but the unnamed woman dons cropped leggings, trying to negotiate the uneven rocks with her hands in her hoody pockets.

She even flaunts a toe ring and ankle bracelet, while other climbers stand alongside her with walking poles, waterproof jackets and flasks.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

There’s a time and a place to be looking pretty and up a mountain ain’t one of them. Thankfully, she made it back down before a storm hit, making it even more difficult to climb.

As one commentator put it, “She’s a mountain rescue episode waiting to happen.”

Another wrote, “That’s a disgrace! She is not only endangering her own life but those of the mountain rescue who would come out to rescue her when she goes over her ankle etc.”

Mountaineering Scotland responded to the images by stressing the importance of staying safe when climbing the peak.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

A spokesperson for Mountaineering Scotland said: “Many people underestimate Ben Nevis.

“It is a demanding walk with a number of potential hazards and every year there are accidents which could have been avoided had the people involved been properly equipped and prepared.

“Even the commonest way up the mountain is very rough underfoot for most of the way and we would strongly recommend proper hill walking boots to protect your feet, prevent slips and keep you warm.

“The weather is something else which catches people out. Even in summer it can be cold, wet and windy, and very different from conditions in Fort William below, so warm and waterproof clothing should be worn or carried.”

So, just to recap, if you do take the challenge of climbing the UK’s highest mountain (or any mountain for that matter), loungewear is not appropriate. This woman was lucky, but this story could’ve had a totally different ending.

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