Wingsuit Summit at Skydive Orange Takes Skydiving to the Next Level – NBC 29 News

ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – There are more than planes in the sky near the Orange County Airport. Some people are taking skydiving even further, with help from coaches who specialize in jumping out of a plane with a special suit on.

While people at Skydive Orange are typically falling through the air, others will be flying. They are safe though, in wingsuits that help them glide.

The Wingsuit Summit, a 4-day training for wingsuit pilots kicked off on June 13. Six people will complete around 10 jumps each day, to learn to fly, have fun, and be safe in the air.

One wingsuit instructor for the summit, who goes by Scotty Bob, said the course happens over a few days because this is not something that can be practiced every day on the ground.

“It’s not something that’s gonna be learned really quickly and it takes time and practice and just focusing on it for one day would just be a disservice to the people here,” said Scotty Bob, Wingsuit instructor.

The summit is for intermediate and advanced Wingsuit pilots. Scotty Bob and Next Level Wingsuit, who are putting the event on travel internationally to train people interested in wingsuiting. Scotty Bob and other instructors encourage anyone interested in getting up in the air to come out to Orange County and give it a try.

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