Video shows parachute jump off downtown Memphis building – WREG NewsChannel 3

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Video posted to social media shows a man parachuting off the 29-story Sterick Building in downtown Memphis over the weekend, an activity police are calling “extremely dangerous.”

The person who posted the video to Instagram, who calls himself the Miami Sky King, shows a man getting ready for the jump with others, standing on the edge of the building, then taking the plunge for a brief second before a parachute opens and he sails to the ground in a nearby parking lot.

Efforts to reach the person who posted that video were unsuccessful.

Memphis Police say they are aware of the jump, but they’re not sure if the owner of that building has filed a complaint. They say the person could face trespassing charges if the owner pursues charges.

The Sterick Building, once the tallest in Memphis, has been vacant since the late 1980s.

Police cautioned against BASE jumping.

“The person engaging in this type of active could seriously be harmed along with anyone who is on the ground,” MPD said.

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