Tusday 10 15 19 morning call

Bit of a small waves everywhere moment here, so let me get you all drooling by posting this shot by Liquid Barrel, who is an Bali resident Italian photographer that I met in Indo.

This is the biggest wave I could find in Jimmie Hepp’s daily album of the windsurfing action at Hookipa. Those Quatro twin fins were really good boards. I have a couple of used ones for sale at Hi-Tech.

4-5am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
1.8ft @ 12s from 243° (WSW)

That 12s period is the only possible indication of west swell due to the early stages (pre-Japan) of Hagibis. I do see some small lines at the Kihei cams, check them out yourself.

2.7ft @ 14s from 204° (SSW)

2.3ft @ 14s from 184° (S)

Couple of feet 14s never disappoints (me) in Lahaina and that’s where I’m going also today. Inconsistent waist to belly plus was the size yesterday, today you can probably take the plus away today. Here’s an early set on the webcam, which you should check yourself before going. Sorry, but I will keep repeating that forever, as the number of people who still get in the car without checking it, is for me hard to comprehend. Let’s say I do it for the environment: you don’t like what you see, you don’t drive!

North shore
3.5ft @ 8s from 79° (ENE)                        

1.5ft @ 14s from 331° (NNW)
My guess on the 14s energy is that it’s what we’re getting out of the fetch associated with the low that formed north of us in the last couple of days. The collage below shows the maps of Oct 13 and 14. We haven’t received yet the one produced my the latest stages of Hagibis.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific only has a very small fetch in the NW corner.

South Pacific only has a very small fetch in the Tasman Sea.

Morning sky.

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