tnoozLIVE@HEDNA: Watch the hackathon teams present live from HomeAway HQ in Austin, Texas

tnoozLIVE is making its way down to Austin, Texas to showcase the teams presented as part of the HEDNA hackathon this weekend. The hackathon event is geared towards new tools, services, and projects that improve hotel operations. From the back office to the guest experience to revenue/price optimization, teams are encouraged to rethink the way hotels operate.

Judges include the Chief Product Officer of HomeAway, the VP of Product at SnapShot, the president of HEDNA (and VP of Distribution at MGM Resorts) and the product connectivity manager for’s partner services.

Join us Sunday starting at around 3:30pm Central time as the teams take the stage to showcase what they have been working on all weekend. You’ll see each team make their presentations, as well as the judges’ questions related to each project. The winners will be announced around 5:30pm Central. And for those who might be nearby, we still have a few spots available. Register here.

Watch LIVE on Sunday, January 28th around 3:30pm Central

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