Sunday 10 15 17 morning call

I did a bit of everything yesterday: shortboard surfing, SUP foiling and even a super fun 20 minutes (that’s how long the moderate sideon wind lasted) windfoiling session at Thousand Peaks. That was a first.

In 2004 Pete Cabrinha Billabong XXL award (and a $70,000 check) for riding a 70 feet wave at Jaws.

Now he chases one foot waves at Thousand Peaks with his Kai GoFoil. Remember, don’t look at it with the eyes of the surfer. As long as you see someone up on his foil, he’s having fun.

The winswell is pumping, look at the size of that wave in the afternoon at Hookipa! Photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.6ft @ 18s from 135° (SE)

2ft @ 13s from 145° (SE)

1.4ft @ 17s from 45° (NE)

2.8ft @ 14s from 185° (S)

New long period southerly energy recorded by a couple of outer buoys (the NE direction at the SW buoy is completely wrong as the buoy is heavily confused by the strong windswell), while a background 13-14s energy is still there. The waves on the south shore might be influenced too by the windswell and the local wind might easily be influenced by the strong trades. It’s gonna be hard to find clean conditions, but there might be spots/moments of clean conditions.

North shore

7.2ft @ 10s from 44° (NE)
4.7ft @ 7s from 64° (ENE)
Pumping windswell on tap for the north shore.

Wind map at noon shows strong easterly trades.

North Pacific shows a tiny and weak NW fetch and a big and strong windswell one.

South Pacific looking good with a strong fetch partially oriented towards us. 2f 16s predicted by Surfline in a week.

Morning sky looks relatively clear, but the trades wind will bring squalls.

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