Skydiver parachuting into Toronto reportedly caught on video – CBC News

The flight of a mystery skydiver who reportedly landed near Rosedale may have been captured on video that was later posted online. 

Toronto police were dispatched to the area around Rosedale Valley Road and Sherbourne Street on Saturday afternoon to search for a skydiver who “came down in a park area” and “appeared to be in distress.”

Officers didn’t find anyone. Police said on Twitter that a witness told them that the skydiver was not injured.

Another Twitter user then responded with a 12-second video that they claimed featured the skydiver in question coming down near the intersection of Bloor and Sherbourne streets.

The clip ends before the parachuter makes contact with the ground.

In a follow-up tweet, the user who posted the video reported seeing two different skydivers, but only captured one on video.

Toronto police say they “strongly discourage” this type of activity because it can be dangerous, and requires police resources that could be used elsewhere. 

“With safety being a priority, we believe that despite an individual’s skill level, there is still potential for it to turn hazardous for the skydiver and possibly others,” Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told CBC Toronto. 

“We do not believe that seeking thrill or notoriety in this manner is worth risking your life or someone else’s.” 

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