Seneca Rocks Climbing School offering both rock climbing guides and certifications

SENECA ROCKS, W.Va. – West Virginia is commonly known as the Mountain State and climbing has been an activity of choice for centuries.

There are many climbing locations throughout the state with Seneca Rocks being one of the historic mountains for climbers around the nation.

Apprentice guide Claire Murphy said Seneca Rocks Climbing school has been bringing guests to the peek of this mountain since 1971.

“The summit never gets old for me, seeing people’s faces like their first time on the summit is just, I love it so much so seeing other people love it is just really special and feeling like I can share that with people is really special,” said Murphy.

Climbing guide Adam Happensack said this is the oldest operating climbing school in the Mid-Atlantic and offers both leisure climbing guides along with various climbing certifications.  

“We provide rock climbing instruction for uh people who either already have skills and want to develop further, or people who come out brand new and want to just learn about rock climbing,” said Happensack.

What many say makes this mountain so special is the wide range of climbing variety and difficulty levels.

“This place is kind of unique for an East Coast climbing destination, uh just being multi-pitch uh so it’s a lot taller of a cliff band than other places,” said Happensack.

“It demands so many different skills in terms of technical skills and in terms of climbing, styles of climbing are just so varied you get so much out of climbing here,” said Murphy.

People travel from all over the world to climb this very mountain, which is the tallest technical summit east of Wyoming in the nation, and at the top of this mountain is just under 1,000 feet from the ground.

Seneca Rocks Climbing School is officially open for the Spring and will continue operations until the first of November.

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