Saturday 10 14 17 morning call

Another absolutely lovely SUP foiling session for me in conditions that I would have not even taken into consideration for regular surfing. I live very close to Hookipa and since I got the foil bug, I’m not even looking at it anymore. Might have to move somewhere else at one point…

I don’t have a photo of the day, so I’m gonna use one of those mesmerizing images of Teahupoo by Ben Thouard. Not exactly a foiling wave.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.6ft @ 14s from 179° (S)

2.3ft @ 14s from 160° (SSE)
Still southerly energy at the outer buoys, the south shore will have waves also today. It’s been a very good week there. Next week should be even better.

North shore
8.3ft @ 9s from 60° (ENE)

Good news: the Pauwela buoy wasn’t down, it was only not reported at the time I checked it yesterday. The windswell is pumping and the north shore had some sizey waves yesterday with an additional northerly component that I don’t see on any buoy today. But 8f 9s from 60 will still make for confused high breakers on the north shore today.

Here’s the summary for the day from the NOAA page for Oahu:
Rough and choppy short-period surf will continue along east facing shores for most of the next week. A long-period south swell will gradually build through Sunday, and surf heights are expected to reach advisory levels along south facing shores late Sunday through Monday as the swell peaks. A small northwest swell is expected Sunday and Monday, with a slightly larger north-northwest swell possible from late Thursday into Saturday. Another south swell is possible next weekend.
Wind map at noon shows again easterly trades.

North Pacific shows a strong windswell fetch.

South Pacific shows a strong fetch oriented towards the Americas of which hopefully we’ll get some angular spreading.

The big clouds moved away, morning sky looks pretty clear.

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