Reasons to Get Ritz Carlton Elite Status NOW!

If you have a Ritz Carlton card, now is the time to aim for top-tier elite status through $75,000 worth of spend. I know, “Why and how am I supposed to do that?” We’re getting closer to merger time and the sooner you can get your top-tier elite status while you can still take advantage of decent award redemption rates, the better.

Top-tier Ritz Carlton Platinum status can be matched to both Starwood and Marriott. So you essentially get top-tier status with three programs for meeting one spending requirement. Next up: How to meet the $75,000 spending requirement.

Meeting $75,000 worth of spending requirements is not easy for everyone. Not because you’re not all heirs to the Walmart fortune, but because you don’t have other means of generating spend. It can also get tricky to spend that much money on a Chase card, since Chase has gotten a little stricter about “alternative types of spending” aimed at earning points and miles. This leaves you with limited options…or does it?

For starters, you can put all your daily spending on your Ritz Carlton card. Spread the word around – if anyone is buying a flatscreen tv, solar panels, or an exercise machine they never use, they should go through you. Maybe throw in an incentive (if you can off-set it with cash back portal rewards). Charging your rent o your credit card via Urbanr is another great way to knock out extra spend.

This might also be a good time to start a reselling side hustle. I know people who not only rake in six figures from reselling toys, cosmetics, and clothes – they earn thousands of miles charging the merchandise to their credit cards. It’s a serious gold mine and one you should look into if you’re trying to figure out how to make travel more affordable. Nothing beats earning points and a living.

You don’t have to be a professional reseller to make this work. I frequently come across great reselling opportunities during retail store sales. Target frequently partners with upscale designers for affordable clothing and accessory lines. Those fly off the shelves and resell on eBay at a substantial mark-up. I once came across a $1 makeup sale at Walmart. I bought almost $300 worth of products and sold everything for a $1,000 profit. QVC frequently runs amazing deals on popular merchandise that can be resold for a profit. I remember they once sold $500+ pilates machines for $250. Another time Beats by Dr. Dre (retailing around $300) cost just $99. You can find incredible deals that not only help you meet credit card spending requirements but generate a nice profit. I’ve done it successful and I’m about as amateur when it comes to reselling as it gets.

Not to veer too far away from the point, but when the Marriott-SPG-Ritz Carlton merger goes into full effect, earning points and status could get a lot more difficult. It’s good to plan ahead and secure top-tier elite status while it’s still possible to do so. The Ritz Carlton card is the easiest way to get it done. So make a plan and go for it, while it’s still possible.


Have you met the $75,000 spending requirement for top-tier Ritz Carlton elite status? How did you get it done?

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