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Not ready to be an instructor, but love getting involved with running climbing sessions? Well you’re in luck! A new climbing qualification has just been launched by Mountain Training, the Indoor Climbing Assistant.

It is a new level of qualification for Mountain Training but the concept of assisting is nothing new. Most sports have assistant coach qualifications and some climbing walls have used teachers, parents and younger climbers to assist on sessions for years, often in a fairly informal way and with little in the way of national guidance or recognition. This new qualification aims to acknowledge the importance of this role and introduce a system of training and assessment. 

The Indoor Climbing Assistant qualification came about after Mountain Training concluded a thorough review of its climbing qualifications in 2017, and is ideal for people who want to get involved with running climbing sessions but who aren’t currently in a position to become an instructor. If you’re interested, find out more below:

How does it work?

The Indoor Climbing Assistant qualification provides a structured syllabus for candidates through a combined training and assessment course over a minimum of six hours, which could be delivered in one day or over multiple evenings. The qualification is accessible to anyone over the age of 16 who is competent in basic climbing skills, such as putting on a harness, tying in, belaying and checking their partner, and with some logged experience (five sessions) of belaying, not necessarily climbing.

Candidates are required to register with Mountain Training before attending a course. The one-off £20 registration fee covers support from Mountain Training, access to DLOG (the digital logbook), your online account and access to our quality assured courses.

Who is it for?

The scheme is designed to provide pathways for those involved with NICAS and youth academies, enfranchise teachers with their groups, involve parents in junior clubs, help more of those with disabilities gain a role and offer a wider demographic a stake in the training of others. Assistants often have strong connections with their groups and should add great value to the experience of those participants. It is often these more ‘relatable’ individuals who can truly inspire and encourage others.

Registrations for the scheme are now being accepted. More information about the Indoor Climbing Assistant can be found on the Mountain Training website.

What else is new?

Mountain Training also launched Rock Skills on 7 January 2019, a series of four courses designed to provide structured training opportunities for people who want to learn more and become independent rock climbers. The scheme is open to young people and adults and will be delivered by approved course providers across the UK and Ireland.

Find out about the new Rock Skills scheme.

What is Mountain Training? 

Mountain Training is the awarding body network for qualifications and skills training in walking, climbing and mountaineering for the UK and Ireland. They develop and administer nationally and internationally recognised courses to achieve their vision: a diverse and active outdoor society, supported by inspirational leaders, instructors and coaches.

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What does a Mountain Training coaching qualification give you?

If you were thinking about signing up to become a coach with Mountain Training, here’s just a few of the key things you’ll be able to get out of it:

  • One registration fee gives you access to both Foundation Coach and Development Coach levels.
  • Flexible start points for those with lots of previous coaching experience (through an accredited prior learning process).
  • A bouldering pathway for those who only want to coach bouldering.
  • Minimum age 16.
  • Focus on climber-centred coaching.

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