Nazaré, Portugal. You can go back less than a decade and find it…

Nazaré, Portugal.

You can go back less than a decade and find it nowhere on the big wave radar.

Today, it’s bar none, the most intimidating and dangerous place to surf in the world.

During last year’s Inaugural Nazaré Challenge, a few of the world’s best claimed they would never go back. Damien Hobgood was nearly killed riding a water patrol PWC out for his semifinal heat. Greg Long was absolutely spooked.

As a competing surfer, this causes a serious lack of sleep, but as a viewer it creates the ultimate live sports broadcast. Surfers have now had time to put several sessions under their belt and feel slightly more confident about what they were getting into.

That’s why year two of the Nazaré Challenge was so anticipated.

Unfortunately, Big Wave Tour Commissioner Mike Parsons must make an official call 72 hours before the event is set to run. Winds and weather in the North Atlantic don’t always cooperate on three days advanced notice

After a two heats of large and unruly surf on Saturday morning, Parsons was forced to call the event on hold and eventually settle with running in sub-par surf earlier today.

Nathan Florence still managed to make his first ever BWT final and Tom Lowe had one of the stand out rides of today. Watch the highlights over on WSL.

All photos WSL.

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