My 2018 Travel Stats and Reflection

2018 was a great year of travel. Here are some of my travel stats for the year!


Let’s start with flights. I flew 102,599 miles this year. That’s a little more than I had been planning on, but not too far off of my goal of flying less than 100,000 miles – I failed at that goal in 2017 also, so maybe 2019 will be the year I finally manage to fly a little less! Those 102,599 miles work out to spending 8.8 days in the air.

Most of my short-haul and domestic US flights were in economy, but most of my long-haul flights were in business class or first class.

I flew a couple of new airlines: Fiji Airways and Emirates. My favorite flights of the year were all on Emirates with the group of friends I booked Emirates First Class with. I also really enjoyed flying Air Canada’s 777 with their new business class and my first (and second!) A350 flight on Thai Airways.

Regarding airline status, I managed to earn both Alaska Airlines MVP status and American Airlines Gold status. This wasn’t a goal going into the year; it just happened due to the flights I had booked.


In previous years, I have tracked the different hotels I’ve stayed in so I could know what my breakdown was between brands and also Airbnbs and hostels. I didn’t keep track this year (and I wish I had!). It’s just a thing that I didn’t think about at all. I do plan to track where I’m staying in 2019, though!

That said, I do have a few hotels and other lodgings that stick out as being my favorites of the year.

My number one favorite is the cute chalet Airbnb I stayed in just outside of Chamonix, France FOR A MONTH. Yes, a whole month. It was amazing.

I stayed in a couple of other amazing Airbnbs as well. Airbnb is becoming my top choice for booking lodging while traveling.

I didn’t stay in too many hotels this year, but by far, my favorite hotel was the Roomers Baden Baden, Germany. I booked this hotel with a Marriott Hotel + Air Category 5 package before the Marriott and SPG programs merged. The hotel was beautiful, the breakfast was delicious, and I loved Baden Baden.

Places Visited

Since about 2013 or 2014, I’ve been working my way toward visiting every country in the world. While that’s still a goal, I have slowed down the pace a little bit. Initially, I was trying to break the record to be the youngest American to have visited every country, but that record has been broken and broken again such that now I’m already too old! That’s honestly fine with me because now I don’t feel guilty about going back to places or spending a long time in places I really like.

This year I only visited five new countries – Belize, Cuba, El Salvador, Oman, and Fiji. That’s by far the least number of new countries I’ve visited in a year since probably 2012. Alas, I also spent three weeks in Russia, three weeks in Algeria, four weeks in France, and six weeks in Australia. Those are all countries that I really wanted to return to, and even after spending that much time in those places in 2018, I would love to go back to those countries again someday!

If you’d like to read more about my 2018 travels, please check out my year-end blog post on my blog.

Looking Forward

Now that it’s 2019 I can really start getting into the groove of planning some new trips. This year one of my big goals is to really work on learning Spanish. So, I’m going to be spending a month in Spain, taking a two week long intensive Spanish course somewhere – maybe Mexico City – and spending four to five months at the end of the year in Spanish-speaking South American countries. The exact details of these trips are still undecided, but I’m working on it!

What’s one of your favorite memories from 2018? What are you looking forward to in 2019?

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