Monday 1 28 19 morning call

A e-foil and a SUP foiling session for me yesterday. Yes, for the very first time I tried an electric foil. It was 5ft Lift with a 150 wing (a bit advanced for a true beginner, but I know how to foil already). You can watch a proper introduction to it in the video below.

Your First Ride – Video #5 from Lift Foils on Vimeo.

The whole setup has some weight to it, so if I tried to stand up on it while still, the thing would sink. But with a little speed it was much more stable and it took me maybe 5 minutes to get used to it, but once I was up and foiling I never came down. Incredible feeling of flying over the water without even a wave carrying you.

And of course, I also caught a few waves while I was at it. Can’t turn it as sharp as a regular SUP foil (too much momentum to redirect), but there’s no paddling back out, there’s only continuous silent gliding and carving. I had a blast.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore
0.8ft @ 18s from 235° (WSW)

1.5ft @ 12s from 278° (W)                        

0.9ft @ 18s from 203° (SSW)
I believe the waves were riding yesterday at Thousand Peaks were the westerly energy wrapping south of Lanai (Lahaina, in fact, was much smaller). That energy is smaller today, but not gone completely. But we have a new long period swell, reading almost 1ft 18s at both Lanai and Barbers.
Below is the maps of Jan 20 and 21 that shows the fetch that generated it.
Unfortunately the Ala Moana webcam (on the right) doesn’t show much at all (there probably are some very inconsistent sets), while there’s still a 12s little shore break in Kihei. Webcams are a great tool to decide the spot, please contact Ozolio if you can host one in Lahaina.
North shore
3.8ft @ 15s from 336° (NNW)
9.6ft @ 10s from 18° (NNE)
1.1ft @ 18s from 321° (NW)            

1.2ft @ 18s from 327° (NW)
7.2ft @ 9s from 24° (NNE)                        

0.4ft @ 20s from 9° (N)
Here’s how the Pat Caldwell’s deprived NOAA page starts today’s forecast:
 A series of new, moderate to large, northwest swells will move through the islands this week. The first in the series of swells will begin to fill in this morning, peak late this afternoon and tonight just below advisory levels along north and west facing shores, then lower on Tuesday….
As a matter of fact, we do have some lovely long period NW readings all the way up the upstream buoys, but that is going to be completely irrelevant, seen the much higher 9s NNE energy that has been in the water the last couple of days. That’s why I also reported the N buoy reading, which assures us that we’re going to be receiving plenty of that energy also today.
In other words, in case it wasn’t clear, chose a spot that is hit by the NNE energy vs one that is hit by the NW one. And keep in mind the wind maps, as it’s going to be that dreadful NE wind again.
Wind map at noon. Notice the stronger orange colored band (20-25 knots) band approaching. Supposed to increase significantly around 2pm.
North Pacific’s last low has moved north quite rapidly and now the fetch is in a much better position for Maui. 8.5ft 15s predicted by Surfline on Friday out of that, but there should be waves already Thursday. I also forgot to circle whatever is remaining of the NNE swell that has generating the 9s energy in the last couple of days, but you can see it in the map on the right.
Nothing of relevance out of the South Pacific.
Morning sky.