Merde Happens: Why Are French People so Rude? (And What to Do about It)

Ridiculous translation blunders that cost millions of dollars (and why you should learn a language for better business)

written by Benny Lewis

In the 1960’s, Pepsi took its “Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation” slogan to China, which was not well very well received. The reason? In Chinese, this translates to “Pepsi brings your relatives back from the dead.” Clairol and Canadian Mist’s German Blunder Canadian Mist, a brand of whiskey, failed in German markets because “Mist” in German means “manure.” The same happened to Clairol when it attempted to sell a curling iron called the “Mist stick” to German markets. Who wants to put a shit stick into their hair? Coors Spanish Blunder

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