Man accused of tampering with wife’s skydiving parachute | Miami … – Miami Herald

Emile Cilliers wanted to leave his wife for a woman he met on Tinder.

In order to make that happen, the British Army sergeant tried to kill her twice, the BBC reported. First by causing a gas leak in the family home while he stayed away. And when that didn’t work, he removed parts of her parachute when she was skydiving, causing her to spin 4,000 feet to the ground.

But she still didn’t die.

His now ex-wife, Victoria Cilliers, survived the fall in 2015, suffering several broken bones. Emile Cilliers now faces two counts of attempted murder in an English court, the BBC reported. It’s unclear if he ever made it on a follow-up Tinder date.

The trial continued this week.

According to The Guardian, Victoria Cilliers was an experienced parachutist and instructor. British prosecutors said her husband removed half of the clips on her harness, causing both her main and reserve parachutes to fail.

Prosecutors told the jury that the Royal Army Physical Training Corps sergeant lied to his lover, Stefanie Glover. He told her that he was leaving his wife because she was having an affair and that he was not the father of one of their children, according to the BBC.

Officials also told the court that Emile Cilliers had skyrocketing debts and that he believed he would receive a large life insurance payout on his wife’s death, according to reports.

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