Local Grandma Goes Skydiving For 86th Birthday – KFSM 5Newsonline

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A Fort Smith native chose to spend her 86th birthday in the sky.

Rosie Johnson wanted to take her 86th birthday to new heights, 10,000 feet that is. She took the plunge and jumped out of an airplane Friday (May 10) at Drake Field in Fayetteville.

After years of dreaming about skydiving, her family and friends helped her make it a reality.

“My husband would never let me do this, so I don’t have a husband anymore so I’m doing what I want to do and this is what I always wanted to do,” Johnson said.

Johnson says even though she knows her late husband Bill would not approve, this was something she has been determined to cross off her bucket list.

“Getting up there and seeing what it feels like… like floating like a bird,” Johnson said.

She says her age certainly won’t be holding her back.

“I asked my doctor about this and he told me I can do anything I want so this is what I’m doing,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s friends were there to support her and say she is the perfect example of how to live life to the fullest. They say not only is she the life of the party, but also a great friend.

“She just lifts you up, ain’t no other like Rosie,” Jane Shafer said.

“It’s amazing to see someone at that age with such a lust for life and being willing to just throw caution to the wind,” Beth Price said.

After landing like a pro, Johnson says she truly did feel like a bird up in the sky.

“It’s so peaceful and I would love to do it more often,” Johnson said.

She says if her husband were here today, she would tell him “Bill you were wrong. I had a wonderful time I’m still alive and I’m in one piece, and I do not do my checkbooks either you were wrong there also.”

Immediately after floating back down to the ground, Rosie said she has added skydiving back to her bucket list for her 90th birthday. She added that she will continue to make the most of every single day.

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