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JOLIET, IL – Until recently, Naperville lawyer Adam Wirtz’s Facebook page was dominated by thrill-seeking photos showing him parachuting from the clouds. But then came late February. During the middle of the night, on Feb. 22, Wirtz climbed to the top of the 11-story Will County Courthouse being built in downtown Joliet, according to Joliet Police, and he jumped off the building wearing his parachute.

Officials have told Patch that Wirtz landed into the parking lot of the downtown Joliet Police Station, where he was promptly arrested.

On April 1, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office formally charged Wirtz with two counts of criminal trespass to real property. The complaint states that “said defendant, knowingly and without lawful authority, entered within or a building or another, the County of Will, Illinois, located at 100 West Jefferson Street, Joliet.”

The second charge in the complaint states that the DuPage County lawyer “knowingly entered upon the land of another, the county of Will … after receiving prior to such entry, notice from the owner or occupant, the county of Will, that such entry is forbidden.”

Naperville attorney Adam Wirtz faces criminal charges in Joliet. Image via Joliet Police Department

Now that he faces criminal charges in Will County, Adam Wirtz has retained a Geneva law firm, John Kopp of Kopp Law, to represent him in Will County.

Kopp recently entered his formal appearance as Wirtz’s criminal defense lawyer and Kopp has asked Will County’s judges to let his client travel to Japan in a couple of weeks.

According to Kopp’s motion, his client’s current condition of bond states that Wirtz “is not permitted to leave the state of Illinois without permission of the court. The terms of this bond have created a hardship upon” Wirtz, his lawyer argues.

According to the Geneva lawyer, “prior to this arrest, Defendant booked a trip to Japan from May 1, 2019 to May 14, 2019. Defendant is not a flight risk and is not a danger to the public. Under the circumstances, it would be appropriate to modify the terms of this bond to allow (the) defendant to leave the state of Illinois.”

Adam Wirtz is an associate attorney with Roscich & Martel, its website states. “Adam now focuses his practice in the areas of personal injury, criminal and traffic law, civil litigation, family law and divorce,” his law firm informs visitors.

Original Joliet Patch article: Attorney Parachutes From Will County Courthouse Project: JPD

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