Issues While Booking a JAL Ticket


A few days ago I was working on booking holiday travel and had something very interesting happen while booking an Alaska Airlines award ticket with their partner Japan Airlines.

The Trip

Because we were looking to travel during the holidays, I wanted to fly in business class to take a little bit of the stress out of the trip. Redeeming Alaska Airlines miles made the most sense because I have a lot of them that have been sitting around and it would allow a fun couple day stopover on our journey home.

I’ll be traveling from Saigon, Vietnam and wanted to fly Japan Airlines in order to stopover in Tokyo. I knew that flying Cathay Pacific would be a good backup, but I was less interested in a stopover in Hong Kong.

Luckily, after looking at award options around our ideal date of travel, I was able to find flights that worked perfectly and even better we had the option to fly in business class or first class. I decided it was worth the extra 10,000 miles each to give Japan Airlines first class a try.

The First Snag

Unfortunately, when I tried to book the space I hit a little bit of a snag. Alaska Airlines was only showing space to fly the first segment in economy and the second in first or both segments in business class online. That didn’t really make sense so I decided to call in – but Alaska Airlines agents were all seeing the same thing. I decided to book the economy + first class itinerary and figured I would continue to check back for business class space.

After I had received my tickets, I ran another search on Alaska Airlines for the first segment and business class space was still showing. I decided to call in to Alaska again and see what was up. The agent that I spoke with insisted that the space was not bookable, but just to see if she was right I tried to book a ticket. And I was able to!

This really perplexed the agent I spoke with so she passed me on to a supervisor. The supervisor was also surprised at what had happened and she needed to spend a lot of time talking to other people while I was on hold but was eventually able to get us booking in business class for the first segment of the flight! She said that it looked like the flight was not filed correctly and was causing problems with pricing but that Alaska IT was alerted about it.

I was very happy to be able to get the first segment in business class so it can be an extra luxurious trip home!


Have you ever had issues booking award tickets before?

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