Introducing our 4th and final surfer / shaper: James Parry Jimmy…

Introducing our 4th and final surfer / shaper: James Parry

Jimmy James is coming in hot to Portugal with these freshly carved, retro-inspired boards you can personally ride during the Vans Duct Tape Festival. May 17-19 at Ribeira D’ilhas.

“The first board is an 8’0” double ender from the transitional era of board design. The nose and tail are almost, but not quite the same width. The second is a ’70s replica — a 6’10” with the wide point forward and a pulled in tail.”


“I just started my own brand [Parry Surfboards] and I’m currently up to 23 boards [shaped]. I’m changing my techniques so much on every board and being experimental, while learning how to rectify mistakes and figuring out what works.”


“Depending on the waves, I’m really interested to see how the 8’0” goes. Especially if we get chance to surf the point.”


“Growing up and doing the European Longboard Tour, I’ve traveled through Ericeira a few times and absolutely love the area. I’m excited to spend a few days with the Vans crew riding unique boards.”


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