Indoor Virtual Skydiving Is Cool—But It Just Made Me Want to Jump Out of a Plane for Real

I rarely turn down the chance to try something new or strange. Reptile expo with live demos? Sounds great. Monster truck rally? Yea, why the hell not. Vape show in town? Sure, I’ll check it out. Indoor virtual reality skydiving? I AM THERE. Who cares that “indoor virtual reality skydiving” as a concept doesn’t make a lick of sense??? Let’s give it a rip!!!

Indoor skydiving sounds a little strange at first, but it’s really quite simple. Using a vertical wind tunnel and a powerful set of fans, you can “fall” in an enclosed environment while the wind suspends you on a cushion of air. By controlling the position of your hands, arms, and legs, you can fly higher or lower, and move around inside the tunnel. Vertical wind tunnels are often used by the military and professional skydivers to practice, without having to go through the trouble of dropping thousands of feet out of a plane all the time.