How to Use Systems (Instead of Goals) to Get Results in Language Learning


Top ten lessons learned in travelling the world for ten years

written by Benny Lewis

Today, July 10th, is my 31st birthday! It is also the day that I decided, exactly 10 years ago, to set off on my travels with no definite date to return “home”. Home is now wherever I lay my hat at the end of the day. To celebrate this “travelversary” I have created a video that I can truly be proud of, to represent those 10 years, which you can see above. As you can imagine, this is the long-awaited follow up to my 29 life lessons learned in 8 years post, that has been read almost 2 million times, which I wrote 2 years ago at my 8 year travelversary. These 10 lessons are (mostly) different though, so definitely check it out! To make it much more interesting, I had help to edit it professionally and included the absolute best videos and photos from my entire time on the road!

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