How I’m Using My Hilton Aspire Card Benefits So Far

A few months ago, my husband and I both signed up for the Hilton Aspire Card. This was a pretty big deal for us because I never envisioned us paying a $450 annual fee for a hotel credit card, let alone two of them.

Still, I think the perks make this card more than worth it. Not only did we each get a 100K signup bonus, but we get a $250 annual resort credit, $250 airline credit, automatic Hilton Diamond status, and a free weekend night each year we have the card (including the first year).

While I wouldn’t necessarily get this card if I didn’t have my eye on a few Hilton properties already, I pulled the trigger because I knew we could make use of the points and perks the first year.

Here’s how we’re using our Hilton points and Aspire card benefits already:

We’re planning a fall trip to Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon.

While we are going to spend the second week of our fall break with my extended family in Gulf Shores, Alabama this year, we needed a fun way to spend the first week my kids get off school. To tie into our Alabama trip, we decided to book a week in Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon area.

Once my free weekend nights are in my account, I plan to use them for a free night at the Hilton Sedona Bell Rock Resort and the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas for a Sunday and Friday night. We’ll use Hilton points to fill in the middle of our stay, covering two more nights at the Hilton Sedona Bell Rock for 60,000 points per night and one more night at the Hilton Scottsdale for 60,000 points per night. We’re also going to spend one overnight near the Grand Canyon, although I haven’t booked a hotel yet.

Since we get a $250 resort credit at both properties (one for each of our cards), we’ll pay for some meals and drinks at both properties to help keep our food costs low.

We’re utilizing our Hilton Diamond status at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik this fall.

Because rates were so low in Dubrovnik for our fall Croatia trip, I chose to pay around $650 cash for five nights at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik instead of paying with points. Still, we should be eligible for a room upgrade due to our Hilton Diamond status. We’ll also get access to the club lounge with daily breakfast plus snacks and drinks.

I cashed in our airline credits for gift cards.

While you’re not supposed to be able to cash in your airline credits for gift cards, it definitely works sometimes. This benefit alone helped me recoup $250 from each from our annual fees. It’s easy for us to use gift cards to pay for airfare since we travel a lot and don’t pool loyalty with a single airline.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to say whether I will keep our Hilton Aspire cards after the first year, but I definitely feel as if I’m getting a ton of value so far. With automatic Hilton Diamond status, a $250 resort fee, a $250 airline credit, and other perks like Priority Pass Select, it’s hard to beat the Hilton Aspire Card when you compare it to other hotel credit cards.

Do you have the Hilton Aspire Card? Why or why not?

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