Friday 8 9 19 morning call

Because of the video of Titouan I posted a week ago, I’m having a bit of love affair with the foil wing… three session in the last 5 days. Two with a Duotone wing provided by HST and one with the F1 of Titouan. Can’t really do a complete and competent review, but I can tell the best two features of both, respectively: it’s very nice to have a boom where you can do micro-adjustments of the hands position and it’s very nice to have a wing that is extremely light. Unfortunately both of them are bad for my trigger finger, so I’m afraid the love affair will have to stop until I – somehow – heal. So I took action and called the doctor to discuss surgery, she hasn’t called me back yet, but that was a first step towards it.

Here’s a video filmed by Gofoil that shows Alan Cadiz on a Duotone. Check the smoothness of the transitions and look where he places his hands in them and imagine how much less comfortable it would be to grab handles left and right instead of just sliding your hands on the boom.

Tomorrow morning there will be the fishing & diving tournament at Kanaha.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore
1.4ft @ 16s from 210° (SSW)

1.3ft @ 14s from 198° (SSW)

1.5ft @ 16s from 206° (SSW)                        

1.4ft @ 14s from 188° (S)
The new Tasman Sea swell didn’t rise as much as one would expect after seeing those Cloudbreak photos, but that is often the case. Pat Caldwell is calling for a new long period pulse over the weekend, but it’s not showing at the buoys yet. Nonetheless, there should be some fun size waves on the Lahaina side, check the webcam for size, consistency and conditions.

North shore

2.4ft @ 8s from 90° (E)
Virtually no windswell, another flat day on the north shore.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has:
– the west of fetch of one of the two cyclones offshore China (one is making landfall).
– a little one in the NW corner
– a little N one that belongs to the newly reorganized remnants of Flossie.

South Pacific has a big moderate S fetch. It might be even bigger (yellow circle), but I don’t know how the great circle rays look down there.

Morning sky.

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