Climbers rescued after spending days stuck on Mount Rainier – Washington Examiner

Four climbers were rescued Thursday after spending days stranded on Mount Rainier in Washington state.

Park rangers got word on Monday that the climbers were stuck on the mountain, but poor weather conditions, including high winds and clouds, made it difficult for ground and air rescue crews to get to the group. On Thursday morning conditions improved enough for a helicopter to land and take the climbers off the mountain in two groups.

The four were attempting to climb the mountain but became stuck on Liberty Ridge, a steep and challenging part of the climb.

“It’s a place that is on a narrow ridge that goes up the north side of the mountain — very, very steep, very technical in terms of climbing ability, which is why very few people climb the mountain by this route,” Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher told ABC News.

Attempting to climb the mountain via the Liberty Ridge route can be deadly. On May 31, one person was killed and two were injured by falling rocks.

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