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StarLog Skydiving & Rigging Logbooks

Price: $12

Brand new line of Skydiver and Rigger Logbooks. All spiral bound for easy logging and fit inside all standard size logbook covers.

  • StarLog Skydiver holds 304 jumps
  • StarLog Pro holds 1456 jumps
  • StarLog Rigger holds 684 logs

Available at ChutingStar

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Power Tools

Price: $19.95

Want a great stocking stuffer with a low price? Give your loved one a Power Tool packing tool in holiday colors!

Available at Para-Gear

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Hanging Handcrafted Wood Swooper Dude

Price: $20

Made of mahogany, coconut and jute, the details on this handcrafted swooper includes a canopy, lines, rig on the back, hair, determined swoop face and skirt.

Available at ChutingStar

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Rig Hangers

Price: $42

With these colorful hangers you can hang your skydiving rig wherever you want. Whether it’s on a rack at the dropzone hangar, on the back of a door, in your closet or anywhere else you can think of.

These powder coated hangers make it easy to spot your skydiving rig, as well as give it a nice accent.

Available at Para-Gear

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The Summer I Became A Skydiver, Children’s Book

Price: $25

Skydiver Ben Lowe wrote this children’s book that tell’s the story of a boy’s introduction into a summer of skydiving. This 29-page hardcover book is a great short story that also helps explain skydiving to youngsters.

Available at ChutingStar

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Glow Face Alt III Galaxy – $169

Meters and Black Only. The phosphorescent face provides a background glow to assist in low light conditions. The glow lasts over 2 hours in complete darkness, and is perfect for either night jumps or those sunset loads when it starts to get dark. The Glow Face Altimaster III Galaxy features a field replaceable lens. In case your lens gets scratched or cracked you will now be able to replace it yourself instead of having to send it to get serviced.

Available at Para-Gear

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Selections Skydiving Photo Book by Michael McGowan

Price: $43

This giant, hardcover photo book from McGowan is the perfect coffee table book of some of the most amazing shots in skydiving. Packed with more than 100 large, full-page photographs. Includes forward by Michael McGowan as well as liner notes from Angie McGowan and Tom Sanders.

Available at ChutingStar

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Para-Gear Parachute Gear Bag

Price: $85

Durable fabric and heavy duty zippers make this bag ideal for storing and carrying all the gear needed for skydiving.

  • ID sleeve for personal information
  • Dual zippered main compartment with zip protector
  • Back pocket with additional inner zippered-pocket for storing accessories and documents up to size A4
  • Rubber handle on top and side
  • Heavy duty metal buckles and comfortable-shoulder straps
  • Durable, easy to clean, splash proof material.

Available at Para-Gear

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