Avoid This Mistake When You Transfer Amex Membership Rewards

Somewhere in the middle of 2017, I had my husband sign up for the Blue Business card from American Express. I did this for the simple fact that this card earns 2x points on all purchases without an annual fee. In addition, I loved the fact this card lets you transfer points to Membership Rewards partners like Air France/Flying Blue and Delta.

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The thing is, I haven’t really used this card a lot. I like it, but I put most of our business spending on my Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card. I think somewhere along the way I just forgot my husband had the Blue Business card altogether. This is where I got in trouble.

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Lessons Learned from Closing My Husband’s Business Platinum Card from American Express

In early January, I did something I didn’t think I would ever do. I had my husband call American Express to cancel his Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN Card. I did this because I wasn’t really seeing the value in the long-term. I love Centurion lounges, but we can’t get in as a family of four without paying $50 for my six-year-old. I also like the fact I could use the card to get into Delta lounges when we fly Delta, but that’s another situation that rarely works. We fly Delta frequently, but almost always with our kids and this card doesn’t allow for any guests.

Want to learn more about this card and others like it? Head here.

Before I had him call to cancel, I took a look at his account and found he had a little over 44,000 Membership Rewards. I obviously wasn’t going to let those go to waste, so I thought a few minutes about what to do.

Unfortunately, I forgot altogether about his Blue Business Card from Amex. If I had remembered he had it, I would have known I could leave the points there until I was ready to redeem them or use them for travel.

But, of course, I forgot he had the card! And, after some thinking, I decided to transfer them to Air France/Flying Blue because we love their cheap economy options to Europe (50,000 Flying Blue miles one-way) and I was sure I would use them there.

Here’s the funny part: When my husband called American Express to cancel his Business Platinum card, the customer service rep gave him a hard time.

“I see you just transferred all your points to Flying Blue,” he said. “You know you didn’t have to do that, right?”

My husband asked me what that was about and I instantly knew I had made a mistake. I had transferred the points for no reason. No big deal because I’m sure I’ll use them, but it was still silly.

Final Thoughts

If you have the Blue Business Card from American Express, don’t forget that this card lets you transfer points to Membership Rewards partners, too. Since it earns 2x points on all your business expenses, it’s not a bad card to use for spending, either.

Have you ever transferred points for no reason? Please share your story below.

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