Authorities: Canadian died while skydiving

OTTAWA — The investigation continues into Friday’s fatal skydiving accident, but the preliminary inquiry suggests the parachute did open but then the cords became tangled and the diver was unable to untangle it.

Reginald C. Hurlbut, 68, of British Columbia, Canada was identified Monday as the skydiver who sustained fatal injuries Friday evening when he jumped from a Skydive Chicago aircraft and struck the ground in a field north of Ottawa.

Though initial reports suggested Hurlbut’s parachute did not deploy, an investigator with the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office said Monday afternoon the preliminary investigation shows the parachute did open but the cords became tangled and Hurlbut could not untangle them.

Investigator Mike Renner emphasized the investigation remains pending.

Hurlbut was pronounced dead at the scene, though police scanner traffic indicated a doctor on scene performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Skydive Chicago said they anticipated releasing a statement later today, but their release remains pending.

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