Alaska MVP Gold 75K: What Do You Get (And Is It Worth It?)

Alaska Airlines has long had one of the most lucrative award programs. The airline’s mileage currency can be redeemed across a number of airlines worldwide, including American Airlines, Emirates, Japan Airlines, and others.

Additionally, it offers its elite fliers a number of generous benefits. Its top-tier elite status, Alaska MVP Gold 75K, gives Alaska fliers a number of benefits on its own flights and a limited set of benefits to its international partner airlines.

In this article, I’ll dive into Alaska MVP Gold 75K and discuss whether or not it’s worth it going for in 2018. However, do note that only you and your flying habits on Alaska Airlines can truly determine if this top-tier Alaska Airlines status is worth it.

Why Alaska MVP Gold 75K is Worth It

I’ll start by discussing why top-tier Alaska Airline status may be worth it for you. Note that these benefits are subjective, and are only truly worthwhile if you plan on using them on a regular basis.

Complimentary Upgrades

Alaska Airlines top-tier elite members are eligible for complimentary upgrades to Premium Class and First Class. Upgrades can clear up to 120 hours before your flight, and flights in Y, S, B, M, H and Z fares automatically clear into First Class. All other fare classes book directly into Premium Class. Your travel companions are eligible for upgrades too.

Additionally, MVP Gold 75K get four Gold Guest Upgrade certificates per year. This lets you confirm an upgrade for yourself or others at the time of booking. These certificates can be applied to all but G, R, and T fare classes.

International Partner Lounge Access

When traveling through hubs on British Airways, Hainan Airlines, Iceland Air, and Qantas, you get access to their respective lounges. Additionally, you receive four Alaska Boardroom passes per year with your elite status.

125% Mileage Bonus

Top-tier elite members earn a 125% bonus on miles earned on Alaska Airlines flights and all partner flights. This will seriously increase your Alaska point earnings, giving you more free travel in the long term. Even better, you get a 50,000-point bonus when qualifying for MVP Gold 75K.

Waived Fees

Alaska Airlines top-tier elite members receive waived fees for same-day changes, two checked bags, free access to Alaska’s in-flight tablets, and a free premium beverage when flying in economy.

Why Alaska MVP Gold 75K isn’t Worth It

These benefits are great, but Alaska status isn’t what it once was. Here are a few reasons top-tier status isn’t worth it.

Dwindling Partner Benefits

Alaska elites used to receive reciprocal benefits on Delta Airlines and American Airlines (which I absolutely loved when I had status with Alaska!). These benefits have since been cut (sans some minor American benefits), hence devaluing Alaska Airlines status significantly.

Limited Routes

Alaska Airlines primarily flies domestically and to Mexico and Canada. Unfortunately, the airline does not offer any other international service and relies on partners to fly to Asia, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Unfortunately, most elite benefits do not carry over to these partner airlines.

Dated Transcontinental Service

Unlike JetBlue, American, United, and Delta, Alaska doesn’t offer enhanced service on its transcontinental flights. Alaska offers its standard first-class service on these flights, so no lie-flat seats or enhanced dining options. The good news? Alaska elites are still eligible for first-class upgrades on transcontinental flights.

Is Alaska Status Right for You?

As you can see, Alaska Airlines top-tier elite status is valuable for anyone that flies Alaska on a regular basis. However, its benefits aren’t nearly as valuable as they once were. In the comments, let us know your thoughts on Alaska Airlines top-tier elite status.

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