A Boutique Five-Star Stay In Amsterdam: An Amsterdam Pulitzer Hotel Review

If you are looking for accommodations in Amsterdam that boast style combined with function, elegance mixed with fun, and relaxation while remaining family-friendly, then definitely check out The Pulitzer. The Pulitzer hotel brings all of the modern amenities you expect into a classic setting without infringing on the beautiful Dutch traditions that make the hotel such a landmark. Consisting of 25 interconnected canal houses (most of which date back to the mid-17th century), this beautiful property is an obvious winner for an unforgettable stay in Amsterdam.

The Pulitzer is the perfect home away from home. It provides five-star luxury in a boutique style hotel, and offers the perfect balance between hip/chic and pampered/relaxed; all the while, the staff looks after your every need, even before you think about it! There isn’t any of the “cookie-cutter” decor or services you might get at a chain hotel such as the Hilton or Sheraton because this property truly is one-of-a-kind. Nightly rates at the Pulitzer generally range between 250 to 300 Euro per night, but every penny is worth it as you’re sure to leave happy!

Each of its 225 rooms is designed in a unique fashion, designed in the hope that each one would showcase the traits of the original tenants who would have been families or small businesses. Whether it be music, literature, antiques or art, each room and suite has its own special flare that pays homage to the 400-year history of this property. Beyond the rooms, the service is far beyond what you would expect to find in almost any hotel in the city. From the bellhops to the front desk agents and from the busboys to the bartenders, each member of the hotel’s staff has an impeccable work ethic and helps to deliver that five-star experience you deserve.

There is also a phenomenal restaurant on the premises called Jansz, which delivers a fresh take on classic European dishes. A commitment to natural, simple ingredients places this restaurant as one of the most easygoing upscale dining experiences in the area. For a refreshing and organic coffee break or lighter meal, then stop in at the bright and open-concept restaurant, Pause. Pause is situated at a place inside the Pulitzer that offers stunning outdoor views and garden scenery, and it provides the perfect tranquil escape for an afternoon snack!

The entire hotel went through a period of significant remodeling and recently re-opened in the summer of 2016. A common favorite part of the remodeled renovations is the Pulitzer’s Bar, a cozy art-deco space with some great drinks, both old classics and new twists. The bar itself has very knowledgeable bartenders mixing up some truly unique cocktails, and there is a variety of seating to suit your mood or the size of your party.

Visitors also enjoy direct access to many favorite Amsterdam attractions from the Pulitzer. This property is located just a couple of blocks from the Anne Frank House, a ten-minute walk from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, and a fifteen minutes walk from the Oude Church. Of course, a wealth of churches, museums, and relaxing cafes are located within an easy stroll from the Pulitzer’s quaint location on the canals.

Consult the Pulitzer’s dedicated concierge team to craft your personalized Amsterdam itinerary; they can help you with any type of adventure you have in mind. In fact, you may book a guided walking tour to see Amsterdam through the perspective of the locals. Additionally, the Pulitzer even has its own canal boat, lovingly named “the Tourist.” This 1909 style boat is arguably the best way to explore Amsterdam. However, if you’d like to explore the city by car, you may book your own personal limousine and driver who can direct you to all of the most exciting corners of the city.

Centuries of history coupled with an elegantly hip ambiance, melt-in-your-mouth food and impeccable service make the Pulitzer an absolute must for your next visit! In fact, the Pulitzer really is a microcosm of all things Amsterdam – and that’s what guests have loved about both the hotel and the city itself. Do yourself and your travel companions a favor and book in with the Pulitzer; it’s part of the quintessential Amsterdam experience!

Would you consider staying at The Pulitzer on your next trip to Amsterdam?

[Image: pulitzeramsterdam.com]

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