85-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Mother’s Day With Skydiving Adventure

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SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A California mom took her Mother’s Day celebration to new heights.

CBS affiliate KFMB says 85-year-old Marie Hoban first went skydiving five years ago, and she’s been itching to do it again ever since.

So for Mother’s Day, her daughter decided to go with her for another skydiving adventure.

85 year old skydiver 85 Year Old Woman Celebrates Mothers Day With Skydiving Adventure

(Photo Credit: Skydive San Diego)

“This one was very, very good. It was quite different from the last one,” Hoban said. “I had to hold on tighter this time … The wind up there was, I can’t explain it. It was awful. I thought I was going to fall apart.”

Hoban says she loves the beautiful views on the way down.

Despite the wind on this jump, she says she “definitely” plans on going again.

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