72-year-old veteran loses prosthetic leg while skydiving

(3TV/CBS 5) –

Well, this wasn’t exactly how John French pictured his Saturday free fall from the sky.

“I just looked down and seen it go into the clouds…bye bye, leg!” said French.

French is a 72-year-old disabled veteran fighting a terminal lung disease, so he made a bucket list to enjoy what time he has left and decided to sky dive this over Easter weekend…even with a prosthetic leg. But it didn’t quite go as he planned.

“I’m scooting over and I noticed my prosthetic leg is doing this going off to the side and I’m like…hmph,” said French.

And then it was time for him and his instructor to jump at 13,000 feet in the air, but he didn’t exactly have a leg up on the exit.

“We go, poof! I look down and my leg goes down, doing spirals like what the he**! I’m like oh great,” said French. “I said oh sh** there goes my leg boom boom boom boom.”

He originally wore the leg to be able to land on two feet, but that plan literally went out the door, so he improvised.

“I landed on my butt, scooted kind of boom boom boom,” said French about sliding across the ground.

Skydive Phoenix said they’ve never had that situation happen before but says the jump and landing ended safely. And French was only worried about one thing. “My wife’s going to kill me!”

They haven’t found the prosthetic leg, so French is in the process of working with the VA to get a new one this month. But he said with the time he has left to live, he plans to keep laughing…and one other thing.

“Enjoy what time you’ve got, you know, get out and party! That’s what I do!” said French.

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