6 Reasons You Should Consider the Caribbean Over Bora Bora or the Maldives

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a week on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla. I have to say, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the beaches were and how upscale everything seemed. I am even willing to say that (ahem) Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla offers views that rival those in Bora Bora. There, I said it.

You may disagree with me on that one, and that’s fine, but the white sand beach, amazing turquoise waters, and close-up views of St. Maarten really do make this beach one of the most beautiful in the world.

During the trip, I asked my husband if we would ever go back to Bora Bora. “Why go through the trouble when we can just come here?” he asked.

I had to agree. There are plenty of reasons to choose the Caribbean instead of enduring the hassle of traveling to far-flung luxury destinations like Bora Bora and the Maldives. Here are a few:

It’s a lot easier to get to the Caribbean with airline miles.

When I tried to get my husband to Bora Bora with airline miles, I ultimately gave up. I couldn’t find availability for the Los Angeles to Tahiti leg on American or Delta/Air France, and I didn’t want to fork over the exorbitant number of miles they wanted, either. The only leg I could pay for with miles was the IND-LAX part of the trip, so I did manage that.

It costs a boatload of miles to fly to the Maldives, too. However, the Caribbean is pretty easy. You can fly Southwest or JetBlue to a ton of Caribbean islands for 25,000 miles or less round-trip during sales. Also, round-trip flights with American AAdvantage cost only 25,000 miles round-trip to the Caribbean on off-peak dates.

You won’t have to pay exorbitant prices for a sea plane or transfer from the airport.

Another reason to choose the Caribbean is the fact you won’t have to pay crazy prices to get to your resort in most cases. A round-trip flight from the Tahiti airport to Bora Bora is around $400 per person and there’s no way to cover that portion of your trip with miles. For many Maldives resorts, you have no choice but to pay $500 per person or more for a sea plane ride to the atoll or island you’re staying on.

You can spend less time traveling and more time enjoying the destination.

Another big benefit of traveling to the Caribbean is the fact you can get there from most parts of the U.S. in a reasonable amount of time. From Central Indiana, I can catch the first flight out and be on a beach in the Caribbean by noon.

You won’t be ale to do that when you travel to Bora Bora or the Maldives, and you may even need to travel a few days each way depending on the flights you choose.

Food prices are significantly lower in the Caribbean.

I’ve read that food prices in the Maldives are absurd, and I’ve seen Bora Bora food prices first hand. We had a few meals with no alcohol that cost $300+ at the Four Seasons Bora Bora, for example.

Some Caribbean islands are definitely more expensive than others, but you won’t see outrageous food prices in the Caribbean unless you’re at the most expensive restaurant on the island — and even then, rarely.

It’s a lot easier to use hotel points in the Caribbean.

There are definitely plenty of points hotels in the Maldives and Bora Bora, but they all cost a ton of points or have very limited award availability. In the Caribbean, on the other hand, it’s fairly easy to find hotels you can book with rewards at a reasonable price point. I’ve stayed at many, from the Hilton Barbados to the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall and Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay.

It’s easier to bring your kids along.

For all these reasons and others, it’s a lot easier to bring your kids along when you travel to the Caribbean. While I love luxury destinations, it’s hard to see how I could justify the travel time and expense required to get my kids to Bora Bora or the Maldives. At the end of the day, most families would probably be better off spending their travel time enjoying themselves and saving their money for something else.

Would you choose the Caribbean over the Maldives or Bora Bora? Why or why not?

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