5 Reasons to Love Amex Offers

If you have at least one American Express credit card, you’re probably familiar with Amex Offers. If not, you will want to become acquainted with them if you decide to apply for an Amex travel card.

Here’s how Amex Offers work: When you have an American Express credit card, you can log into your online account and browse offers that you can apply to your account. Once you find an offer you want, you simply click on it to add it to your card. You’ll also want to read the terms and conditions of the offer to make sure you follow it to the “T,” including any minimum spending requirements or expiration dates.

I’ve used Amex Offers to save on everything from luggage to travel, and I believe they can be truly valuable if you find offers that line up with purchases you planned to make anyway. Here are five reasons to love Amex Offers if you don’t already:

#1: They may convince you to try new products and services.

Every once in a while, an Amex offer will come around that’s so good that you feel inclined to take advantage. As an avid Instacart user, I was extremely happy to find that both my and my husband’s Amex accounts had an offer for $50 off a $100 purchase with Shipt — a grocery delivery service that works similarly.

I am waiting until we run out of food to cash in this offer, but saving $50 off $100 and getting to try a new service is a great deal in my book. The thing is, I would probably just stick with Instacart without this coupon. In that sense, the 50% off coupon provides an incentive to try new products or services that may be superior.

#2: You can stack them with other offers.

Another benefit of Amex Offers is the fact you can sometimes stack them with other offers. I have a coupon code for $10 off Shipt and I will be able to use that in conjunction with the $50 off $100 Amex Offer.

Remember that the only thing you have to do to take advantage of an Amex Offer is add it to your card and then use that card to make the required purchase. You can stack any other coupon codes or perks along with it provided you meet the terms and conditions of the offer.

#3: You may qualify for the same offers on several different cards.

Another reason I like Amex offers is the fact that you can sometimes get the same offer on several Amex credit cards. If you have more than one Amex card like I do, it’s worth checking all your accounts to see which offers are available. If there’s an offer you’ll take advantage of more than once, add it to every card you can.

#4: You and a spouse can both take advantage.

If you and your spouse or partner have several Amex cards separately, you may have access to even more Amex offers. This is a good thing when you’re checking to see if you qualify for a rare offer or if there’s one you can double up on. Generally speaking, either myself or my spouse has qualified for each Amex Offer I have read about and wanted on at least one of our cards.

#5: They sometimes work splendidly with your plans.

Last but not least, there are times when Amex Offers line up perfectly with your plans. My husband was thinking about updating our home security system when, lo and behold, an Amex Offer for $60 off $300 spent at SimpliSafe popped up in both our accounts. My husband has been thinking of using that company and doing the installation himself, so I added it to both our accounts while we decide.

The Bottom Line

If you have American Express travel rewards cards and haven’t checked your Amex Offers, you absolutely should. They are free to use and can help you save if they line up with a purchase you were planning to make. You have nothing to lose but could save hundreds of dollars over time.


Do you use Amex Offers? What is your favorite Amex Offer of all time?

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