10 19 17 morning call

Just a longboard session in Lahaina for me yesterday, as the strong trades continue to ruin the surfing conditions on the north shore.

This photo by Stu Gibson obviously caught my attention on Facebook. Wonderful setup somewhere in South America.

A slightly less perfect setup in Ocean Beach in San Francisco will see the Redbull Heavy Water SUP race happening tomorrow with a forecast for massive waves. Not sure if you can see the massacre live, you might want to look it up if you’re interested.

Not the cleanest conditions at Hookipa, but the windsurfers continue to rack up hours in the water in preparation for the upcoming Aloha Classic. Photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

SE 2.1ft @ 12s from 86° (E)

That’s the only possible southerly energy readings I could find at the outer buoys (I believe the E direction is wrong), and that’s a sign that that energy is definitely going down. Flat to knee high is my guess on the size.

North shore
Mokapu 8.2ft @ 9s from 41° (NE)

Pauwela is officially down, but Mokapu shows still a very solid windswell from 41 degrees. Plenty big and rough waves still on offer today on the north shore.

Wind map at noon shows strong trades again.

North Pacific shows:
– a west fetch out of typhoon south of Japan. 2.5f 18s from 279 predicted by Surfline on Thursday 26 and lasting 4 days.
– a well oriented NW fetch in the Kamchatka corner. Related swell predicted by Surfline to peak at 7.5f 18s from 328 on Monday 23, but with possible sets at sundown on Sunday
– the windswell fetch
It also shows that massive fetch still pushing water towards the mainland’s west coast, but this time we’re definitely out of the swell window. The past days we weren’t, and the related swell is predicted by Surfline to hit tomorrow at 6f 15s from 344 in the middle of the day.

South Pacific shows a small/weak fetch NE of New Zealand.

Morning sky.

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