Visa Signature’s Secret Perks


Frugal travelers see this nearly every day, but most often when either making purchases or getting ready to redeem miles. Although it is one word that is often overlooked, knowing the particular meaning behind it can make a major difference in how we see the world – especially in the worst case scenarios.

That word, of course, is “Signature,” as in the line of Visa Signature credit cards. Lead by the Chase Sapphire Preferred and offered across a contingent of Visa cards, the Visa Signature is the highest tier of Visa cards available, ranked above the gold and platinum versions of the same card. Although many travelers are more excited about the points and miles they can earn with their favorite Visa Signature cards, what lies behind the scenes is a whole world of benefits beyond what meets the eye.

When it comes to your favorite Visa Signature cards, don’t leave these important benefits behind. Here are three key perks of the Visa Signature you may not have realized you have!

Travel and Emergency Assistance Services

Touted as one of the most valuable benefits of a travel insurance plan, the travel and emergency assistance services benefit of the Visa Signature is available to anyone who holds a Visa card issued by an American bank. While the benefits may sound a little far-fetched, they can benefit the frugal traveler in the event of a major crisis.

Operators on the travel and emergency assistance line are trained to help travelers in the worst case scenario, no matter where they roam. Their services include getting an emergency message to loved ones at home, referring travelers to legal or medical help in a foreign country and replacing prescriptions when they are lost – the latter three points being areas where the U.S. Embassy cannot help. Cardholders, their spouses and children under 22 all qualify for these set of benefits.

Emergency Cash Disbursement

In addition to helping in a dire emergency, the Visa Signature card can also come in handy during much more mundane emergencies as well. When cards are lost or stolen on the road, Visa Signature cardholders can also get access to emergency cash or card replacement while abroad.

With a call to the Visa Signature assistance line, travelers can report their card lost or stolen quickly, while also requesting emergency cash or a card replacement. From there, Visa will work with the card issuer to either expedite cash and/or card to the cardholder’s location, or a nearby pick-up location.

Visa Concierge

Finally, not every emergency is truly…an emergency. Travelers often find themselves in rather regular situations where their plans require a reservation, hard-to-get tickets, or other luxury items that are just out of reach.

This is where the Visa Concierge comes in, available to all Visa Signature cardholders. With a call to the Visa Concierge, travelers can get access to a dedicated concierge who can help with travel plans, getting reservations, or acquiring tickets to shows and sporting events. While the items will be charged to the cardholder, there is no fee for asking the Visa Concierge for help.

While finding help during traveling can be daunting for the unexperienced traveler, those with a Visa Signature card already have an ace in the hole. By knowing the tricks of the card, every traveler can see the world with relative ease.

Have you used the benefits available on your Visa Signature card? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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