TimeBuddy Helps You Sync Your Schedule Across Time Zones


If you live for traveling east to west, you may cross time zone borders nearly as often as you cross physical borders. For me, I remember a point during which I crossed over eight different time zones in the span of one month; exciting, but exhausting!

Even if I am not physically moving, it is occasionally necessary for me to schedule meetings with people around the world and this means that I must keep track of time differences to avoid any confusion. This responsibility is certainly not unique to me; I suppose that most people deal with this in one way or another.

Usually, I would schedule the meeting or appointment in the calendar app on my laptop, accounting for the time zone I would be in on the date of the event. However, once the date arrived and I had made it to the time zone I had anticipated, my laptop calendar had automatically switched the time zone of my meeting to the previous time zone, where I was when I had entered the event into the calendar.

What was likely designed as a fail safe tool had actually backfired; I knew what time zone I would be in on that day, but my computer thought that I did not! Well intended as it was, I realized that this was not an efficient way to keep my schedule. Whether you are a part of an international corporation or you simply need to set up a Skype date with somebody far away, it is often frustrating to have to keep track of multiple time zones without some efficient way to organize your meetings.

Thankfully, there is an incredibly simple tool for doing just that. Time Buddy, available for iPhone and Android and also as a web platform, is a tool that helps organize events that span several time zones. As an app user, you have the option of keeping track of schedules in up to four time zones in the free version, but up to ten time zones are available with a $2.99 upgrade. Users can schedule meetings in Time Buddy and then export them to their phone calendars, which will then know not to change the selected time zone even if you scheduled the event in a different one!

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot see events that you have created within the free version of the app itself; only outside of the app wherever you have sent them. However, it is helpful to have everything in front of you while scheduling a meeting, and you can even share the details with collaborators from the app via email, Dropbox, Skype, text message, Google Drive, or any other communication app that you may have in your app suite. Additionally, if you choose to use the web platform instead, there are a few more options that involve creating events within the program itself.

With Time Buddy, it is simple to avoid making silly mistakes when scheduling events that span several time zones. If this is something that could make your life infinitely simpler, check out Time Buddy in Google Play, the App Store, or online!

How do you keep track of meetings and events when you are traveling across multiple time zones?

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