THack returns to Berlin: Code with airberlin and others at our travel hackathon


What’s your big idea for improving the way travelers search, shop and experience travel?

Is it simpliflying how to find information about cheap flights? Delivering a traveler’s dream about an authentic and unique journey? Or presenting it all in a seamless mobile app?

THack Berlin, a travel hackathon, on 2-4 December at Betahaus Berlin is your opportunity to build the ultimate travel app, learn about how the travel industry works and compete for cash prizes.

Tnooz, the global leader in news and analysis about the digital travel economy, invites you to join up to 100 developers, gain access to industry sponsors’ technology and create amazing solutions for travelers.

The focus of the hackathon is airline- and travel-shopping and passenger experience. airberlin, XapiX and other travel industry and technology sponsors will provide APIs and other tools to enable teams of develpers to build prototypes of products and services.

Tnooz will offer two prizes: €1,500 to one winning team and €1,000 to the People’s Choice team as selected by a vote of developers present. Airberlin and other API sponsors will offer prizes to be named later. Save your spot!

Berlin THack betahaus

THack Berlin is an in-person competition among teams of up to five developers, designers and digital makers. All team members must register and work together at Betahaus over the weekend hackathon, then present their projects to a team of independent judges on Sunday afternoon.

Developer teams will be required to select one or more “challenges” – travel issues or traveler problems – that will be announced at the start of the hackathon. Participants will design and code during the weekend, then demo to judges at the conclusion of the event.

Airberlin, and other technology sponsors will be on-site for mentoring and support. See answers to frequently asked questions on the Eventbrite registration page.

Join us for a creative, collaborative and competitive weekend to improve travel for all. Save your spot!

SPECIAL BONUS OPPORTUNITY: Additional online hackathon

XapiX is a technology partner for airberlin’s ongoing online hackathon at Participants may register to access airberlin’s API endpoints and compete for multiple prizes in a competition that ends mid-November.

XapiX is an integration tool that makes it easy for developers to combine and integrate API endpoints into their applications.

If you can’t wait to explore airberlin data and want to familiarize yourself with the tool, check out the competition and register to win $5,000 in cash and additional flight prizes.


Xapix hackathon

THack Berlin hackathon December 2016

Sponsor inquiries

Sponsoring companies from travel and technology are invited to submit their APIs for developers to use in their THack projects. Sponsors should contact Ella Sopp (EMEA,, James Craven (Americas, or Jay Shah (APAC,

NB: Image of traveler via BigStock

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