Sale: Black Friday Mega-Deals for Language Learners!



about_block_portraitYou ask, I answer!

I’ve spent weeks negotiating some amazing Black Friday deals for language learners.

And, wow, did I find some deals!

Here are the best of the best deals on excellent language-learning resources worthy of you language hackers.

Many of these discounts end on Black Friday, so act fast!

One more thing: In this post, I’ve just shared the highlights of the deals I’ve found. To see all the deals for the language you’re learning, select your language from the drop-down menu below.

What Language Are You Learning?

We’ve put together collections of Black Friday language learning deals for over 20 languages.

To see the Black Friday deals for the language(s) you’re learning, select the language from the drop down menu.

Check out the Black Friday deals for:

Don’t see the language you’re learning? Scroll down for more incredible deals on language courses in 30+ languages.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links – this means I earn a small commission if you make a purchase (at no additional cost to you!). As always, I’ve only included resources I know, love, and TRUST – so you can buy with confidence that they’ll help you in your language learning.

The Fluent in 3 Months Black Friday Collection – 75% off

bf-collectionGet a 75% discount on this full package of language learning courses and guides from Fluent in 3 Months.

The Fi3M Black Friday Language Learner’s Collection includes:

Fluent in 3 Months Premium 2.0 (value: $97)
My flagship language learning programme, with everything you need to become a language hacker.

Conversation Countdown (value: $67)
Have your first conversation with a native speaker in just 7 days!

My Complete Easy Language Package (value $234)
A pack of 6 guides for hacking Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and Chinese.

Total value of the Fluent in 3 Months Collection: $398

• Black Friday Deal Price: $97 •

Get the Fi3M Black Friday Collection here

Innovative Language – Podcasts for All Languages: 51% off All Subscriptions

Innovative Language is my favourite language learning podcast and audio course, available in an incredible 34 languages.

You start by picking your level, and the audio course adjusts to you, getting slightly more complex as you progress. This is a favourite of a bunch of us here at Fluent in 3 Months, and I was just listening to the Portuguese version myself for several hours last week for my recent trip to Brazil.

Click the podcast website below of your target language, and enjoy! These discount links will get you 51% off the normal price for 1 or 2 year subscriptions, for any language. This covers Premium AND Premium+ subscriptions.

Click the language you want below to find out more:

Most popular on Innovative Language:


Other languages in alphabetical order:


Mimic Method – Exclusive Access to LIVE Elemental Sounds Masterclasses – 60% Off

Idahosa Ness, founder of The Mimic Method, is launching a new series of Elemental Sounds masterclasses this week – at an incredible launch price of $37. After launch, the price will be $99. So that’s a 60% discount.

Idahosa says:

Every language has a set of elemental sounds that make up everything you will ever hear or say in the language.

If you struggle with speaking or understanding, it’s probably because you struggle with some of these elemental sounds.

With the Elemental Sounds masterclasses, you will master your listening and pronunciation of all the elemental sounds of a language in weeks through a series of live webinars and online training exercises.

Mimic Method teaches you to tune your ear, then to tune your tongue, to the sounds of a language.

Mimic Method’s Elemental Sounds Masterclasses are launching this week in (click the language you’re learning to find out more):

Elemental Sounds of Spanish
Elemental Sounds of French
Elemental Sounds of GermanElemental Sounds of Portuguese

And there’s more!

PLUS after you join an Elemental Sounds Masterclass, you’ll be given the opportunity to pick up additional Mimic Method courses at an amazing discount.

Bonus: Join Mimic Method Founder Idahosa Ness for a Facebook LIVE Q&A

Idahosa, the genius behind Mimic Method is hosting an exclusive LIVE Q&A on the Fluent in 3 Months Facebook page on Wednesday 23rd November at 1pm EST.

Join the Q&A to ask Idahosa anything you want!

Add1Challenge – Learn a Language Together: Apply for 30% Off


Add1 is a community of language learners committed to holding a 15 min conversation with a native speaker in 90 days. Instead of learning alone, Add1 challengers work together to stay motivated, share their struggles and victories, hold each other accountable, and get breakthrough results together.

Brian Kwong, founder of the #Add1Challenge, has graciously offered to give FI3M readers 30% off entry in the upcoming challenge. Spots are limited and application closes on November 30th.

Join Add1Challenge here

Glossika – the Mass Sentence Method: DOUBLE DISCOUNT: 20% + 25% off for Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, and 10+ Other Languages

Mike (a.k.a. Glossika) is a fellow polyglot best known on YouTube for speaking Mandarin and sounding exactly like he was born and raised in Taiwan, even though he’s a westerner. He heads this very clever series of language courses, designed to help you intensively learn a language to fluency in 3 months.

I’ve gotten tons of requests for Glossika discounts, so I’m happy to deliver!

Much of Glossika’s huge collection is now on sale at 20% off for Black Friday… but we’ve gone one better!

Fi3M readers can save a further 25% (so you get a DOUBLE DISCOUNT) using the coupon code FI3M2016 at checkout.

Pick up Glossika at 20% + 25% discount (for a total discount of 40%).

Choose the course you want here (note: the discount code can be used with multiple courses):


Remember: to get the FULL 20% + 25% double discount (for a total discount of 40%), you must use the coupon code FI3M2016 at checkout.

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