New Planes Will Make Flying Comfortable Again


Mood lighting to limit jet lag, bigger bathrooms, quieter cabins: those are just some of the perks that are coming to long haul flights in 2017.

Who can we all thank for the upgrade? Airbus. Their new A350 XWB plane is popping up everywhere, garnering accolades as one of the most comfortable rides in the sky.

So who has them? Currently Finnair has seven A350s (that seat 297 passengers each). Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines have ordered a combined 255. And most of them are designed for ultra-long hauls like the New York to Singapore route that Singapore airlines is reinstating in 2018 thanks to the new planes.

A few US based fliers will be getting the plane too. United has 35 on order, Delta will get it’s first 25 next year. And Airbus forecasts that soon thousands of A350s will be in the air, giving us all a little more comfort when we have to fly far from home.




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