KitSplit: Rent the Best Camera Gear on Your Next Trip


Have you ever gone on a trip and wished you had a piece of gear to take with you that you couldn’t quite justify buying? I know I’ve had that happen more than once. I wish I had known about KitSplit then!

KitSplit is a gear rental company with a focus on camera and video equipment in a peer-to-peer format.

KitSplit already offers a portfolio of over $40 million worth of gear and rentals are available anywhere in the U.S.

In order to rent from KitSplit, you will need to have insurance to cover the gear. You can prove that you already have insurance or purchase insurance from KitSplit for as little as 1% of the total rental price of the gear you are looking to rent.

Unfortunately, KitSplit isn’t available everywhere just yet, but they have launched in the Tri-State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York) as well as Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia. It is also possible to have KitSplit rentals shipped anywhere in the U.S., which isn’t quite as convienient as the cities they have officially launched in.

I haven’t personally had the chance to try KitSplit yet, but I’m excited about the idea of testing out gear before I buy it and renting gear for events and trips that I know I don’t need on an ongoing basis. Let’s take a look at some price comparisons for gear that is available on KitSplit. Since I’m a Nikon shooter I will focus on Nikon-compatible gear.

One of my favorite lenses that I own is the Nikon AFS FX 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens. It’s not a cheap one with an MSRP of $1,899.95 and Amazon listed price (at time of writing) of $1,696.95. The lens is available for rental in New York for only $40 per day (or per weekend) or $120 per week.

I personally prefer the new GoPro Hero 5, but if you wanted to take a GoPro on a scuba diving trip without having to shell out $400 for one, you might want to consider renting a GoPro Hero 4 from KitSplit for only $150 per week.

If you have gear, it is also possible to list it on KitSplit pretty easily. You can list gear yourself, or you can send a list of your gear to KitSplit and they will list it for you. From there, you control the pricing and availability of your gear!

What do you think about the sharing economy as it applies to video and camera gear?

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