Jeff Koons Designs A $5,000 Snowboard


Only on the request of his children, did Jeff Koons learn to snowboard. As he fell in love with the sport, Mr. Koons teamed up with Carpenters, founders of Burton snowboards to design a new snowboard called the Philosopher.

Blending Mr. Koons’s artistic skills and Mr. Carpenter’s technical finesse, the designer snowboard includes a likeness of Plato and a rendering of the allegory of the cave. On the technical front the board features a a twin tip, which helps a snowboarder to ride forward as well as backward. The tail is as wide as the nose.

Only 50 such Jeff Koons designed, limited edition, boards are made which will be auctioned for $5,000 each with all the proceeds going to the Chill Foundation. It is a charity established by founders of Burton snowboards to help children from underserved communities learn through competitive sport.

The making of the Philosopher Snowboard –

One of the most important, influential, and controversial artists who is renowned for shaping up mirror-finish, balloon animals states, “There’s this sense of vastness that overcomes you. It’s an extremely philosophical, transcendent sport. You really feel connected to something much, much vaster than yourself. There’s a sense of space and time as very vast.” Mr Koons also adds, “There’s a sense of oneness. No longer is it a left side-right side. You’re riding the board as one. I’ve never had a greater experience. Finally, you’re one again.”

The New York Times Via Burton Snowboards

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