How and when consumers open emails from brands


Travel brands have long realised that emails remain the number one method by which to reach customers.

Social media was once considered to be a powerful entrant onto the realm of consumer communications, but over time it has evolved more into a notification and service channel (especially during travel disruption), rather than a primary way of reaching customers.

Although some brands have experienced traction with their Facebook pages for offers and discounting of products, the humble email appears for the time being to be holding its own as a reliable way of getting through to travellers.

These emails encompass everything from check-in reminders and destination information to promotions and general updates.

Moveable Ink recently evaluated three billion email opens from travel brands to US consumers over a three-month period between July and September.

The exercise was carried out to understand how and when travellers are reading emails, open rates, etc.

Mobile open rates rise, with smartphones in particular showing a very high OTR.


Open rates climb to a weekly high on Saturdays


But desktop shows the longest “read rate”


NB: Emails image via Pixabay.

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