DNA analysis, 3D makers and neurotech to make for future hotel stays


With the help of Institute for Global Futures, Hotels.com has come up a forecast of what the hotel of the future might look like.

The company describes the trends as ‘super-tech meet super science’ and projects forward as far as 2065 to see not only what the guest experience might look like but also elements of the whole travel experience.

The Hotels of the Future study picks up on some trends that might come sooner such as ‘RoboButlers’ which can be customised before a guest arrives with language preference, likes and dislikes and will be available for everything from entertainment to business concierge.

Personal avatars to search for and book travel is another that might not be so far away.

Then come some seemingly whackier ones such as ‘morphing hotels’ which ‘self-assemble and morph from one design to another’ using nanotechnology and based on consumer votes.

Howver, according the report the morphing concept could be possible in the next 20 years.

The trends also point towards a much more relaxing hotel experience with features such as:

  • 3D makers in every room so theoretically it doesn’t matter if a guest forgets something
  • Neurotechnology enabling guests to design their own dreams and choose from specific themes
  • And, spa treatments based on DNA analysis of a guest’s health and fitness requirements

The full report can be viewed here.

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