Deal of the Day: Post Your Hotel Status and Best Western Will Match It


Status Match

Best Western is currently offering status matches from other hotel programs. Status Matcher has details about what status levels from other programs are currently being matched to Best Western and what status you are likely to get.

Requesting the status match is very simple. All you need to do is send an email to with a screenshot of your status level with the program you are matching from as well as your Best Western rewards number.

Your new Best Western status will be valid through early 2018.

Even though I don’t stay at Best Western hotels very often (my last stay was in August 2013!), I’ll still match to their program. Why? It might make sense to stay at a Best Western hotel sometime in the next year and it will also give me the ability to status match to other hotel programs next year if the opportunity arises.

70th Anniversary Prizes

It’s Best Western’s 70th anniversary and they are giving away prizes every Friday during the month of November, and there’s still one more chance to win before the month is over!

Prizes that you can win include: vacation getaways, free night vouchers, $70 travel cards, Best Western Rewards Points (up to 70,000), and Best Western Rewards Membership Tier Upgrades.

All you have to do to participate is log in and spin the wheel!

You probably won’t end up walking away with any of the large prizes, but it’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much time so why not log in and try your luck?! Hopefully you will at least end up walking away with a few bonus points.


What do you think of Best Western’s promotion and status match programs? Will you be participating in either one?

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