AwardAce Tells You Which Miles to Use to Maximize Rewards


Figuring out the best way to use your points and miles can be tough – especially if you don’t have hours to invest into research. When it’s time to start researching for an upcoming trip, simply head to AwardAce, enter in where you are looking to travel, and be amazed by how easy it is to determine which miles you should use to get there!

AwardAces’s pricing calculator is so simple to use. Let’s assume that we are looking to travel from Washington D.C. to Buenos Aires, Argentina in business class.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 12.27.09 AM

AwardAce will spit out a bunch of different mileage options you could make use of to travel on this itinerary and ranks them by price.

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You can click on a program to get even more details like whether you can transfer miles from Citi, American Express, Chase, or SPG to get more miles in that specific program.

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You can even find out more details about the program in question by clicking the dropdown arrow. Here you’ll find pros and cons as well as a list of some of the airline’s partners.

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If you’re less decided on where you want to travel, AwardAce can help you with that too. Just head to the ‘Discover Destinations’ tool instead! Here you’ll input where you are starting as well as how many miles you have in a specific program and which class of service you want to fly. Let’s assume that you have 130,000 United miles and prefer to fly in business class. AwardAce will show you a map with some ideas for your upcoming trip.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 12.32.34 AM

Of course, since United (and many other programs) are region based, you can book to many other airports in the region for the same flight – AwardAce is just trying to get your imagination going – not give you an exhaustive list of possibilities! Granted, if you know you want to go somewhere in Europe, just zoom into Europe on your map and AwardAce will confine your options to that region.

AwardAce isn’t done yet though! They have a few more great tools up their sleeves. AwardAce’s program guides are wonderful if you want to learn a little bit more about a specific program; maybe one that you’re less familiar with like Air Canada Aeroplan. These program guides will tell you nearly everything you want to know about a program including how to earn and redeem miles, policies and fees, key airline partners and resources, and how to earn elite status and what it will give you.

And once you’re ready to get your tickets booked, AwardAce also offers very detailed booking guides to make booking your award tickets even easier.

I’m super excited to have discovered AwardAce and added it to my go-to tools for finding and booking awards.


Have you used AwardAce before? What do you think?

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