AirHelp Ranks Airlines, Provides Surprising Results


AirHelp, a company that provides legal services to passengers, has ranked airlines recently based on amenities, punctuality and customer service quality, and the following three came out on top: Qatar Airways, Air Dolomiti and Austrian Airlines.

We have heard quite a bit about Qatar’s swanky premium cabin service, so it’s no surprise that the Middle East airline took the top spot. However, what is surprising is, Air Dolomiti’s second place. I’m not saying the Italian-based airline’s recognition isn’t well deserved. It’s just the airline isn’t a household name that is well known among all travelers.

Air Dolomiti is an Italian regional airline that has been operating a small network of routes since 1989. Its headquarters is in Verona, Italy, and it is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, the largest German airline, which explains why its operating base is in Munich, Germany.

On my summer trip to Europe, I had a chance to fly Air Dolomiti and enjoyed the airline quite a bit. Although I like flying new airlines in general, taking a flight on this carrier was not planned. Because I booked flights to Europe using United MileagePlus miles as well as Ultimate Rewards that I transferred to United, they were all on Star Alliance partners. My boyfriend and I flew from Athens to Amsterdam and had a layover in Munich. The second leg was marketed as a Lufthansa flight but was operated by Air Dolomiti. It was actually quite amusing to fly from Germany to the Netherlands on an Italian airline that served German beer onboard!

The flight itself was rather short, about an hour and a half, and the size of the plane gave us a low-cost-carrier feel. There was no glamour. There was no fancy champagne. There was no inflight entertainment even, but there were sandwiches! And they were delicious. In fact, when a friendly flight attendant was passing by offering drink refills, we asked for more sandwiches, and she was happy to give us seconds. We hadn’t eaten in a while, so her eagerness to accommodate our request couldn’t have come at a better time. That alone speaks volumes of the quality of service even on such a short flight.

AirHelp gave Air Dolomiti 9.4 for its on-time performance, 8.1 for dealing with passenger complaints and 8 for the service quality on a 10-point scoring system.


Have you ever flown Air Dolomiti? How did your experience compare to mine?

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