Airbnb Hosts Now Plan Trip Itineraries for Their Guests


If you value your tight budget while exploring the world, or if perhaps you like to take advantage of the sharing economy by opening your space to travelers, then you have likely heard of Airbnb. If not, here’s a brief overview: Airbnb is a platform that allows locals to rent out rooms, cabins, apartments, or tree houses to travelers who enjoy making friends and living like the locals live in an intimate, personal setting. It offers a worldwide network of travelers and hosts, and allows for a genuine people-to-people connection while traveling.

To keep up with the fast paced evolution of travel trendiness and consumer insights, Airbnb has just released a new upgrade! Instead of simply providing affordable places to stay while fostering social connection, Airbnb has now added experiences to its list of available features: a brand new world of trips.

To be honest, it looks amazing. Experiences are provided by Airbnb users, which gives “Airbnb host” a brand new meaning. These experiences span a broad spectrum of activities, and can take only a few hours or even a few days! Users can choose between engaging in sports, culinary arts, outdoor adventures, and arts and entertainment; you can even make a positive social impact by working alongside a nonprofit or animal sanctuary for a day!

Let’s look at a few of these experiences for a little taste of the new Airbnb.

If you have a few days to kill in London and you are a lover of food, then you simply must meet Aidan. He hosts a three day culinary experience that allows visitors to explore some of London’s best kept secrets and food markets; you can even learn how charcuterie is made!

If you have always dreamed of cycling around Miami while simultaneously hitting up the party scene, then hang with Sarah! This three day experience involves cycling, sunshine, and tacos; it doesn’t get much better than that.

If you have a heart that beats for dogs, then join Bunny in San Francisco for a two day social action immersion! Bunny is the Volunteer & Foster Manager at Muttville, an organization that cares for older dogs. With Bunny, you will have the chance to volunteer at Muttville and make some new friends, human and canine alike. Every penny that you pay for a social action experience goes directly to the organization that you visit, which allows an opportunity to travel with a purpose and make a genuine difference.

Not only is this new update a wonderful chance to experience an intimate and unique side of your destination, it also provides new opportunities for Airbnb hosts who do not have a property to flip. As a brilliant response to stricter sanctions being placed on Airbnb property hosts in some areas, this allows hosts to use their talents and passions to reach out to a broad community of travelers. Whether you are a traveler looking for a good time or an aspiring host who wishes to share your community with others, be sure to check out the new Airbnb update!

What do you think about Airbnb’s world of trips?

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