$69 Flights to Europe Coming Soon


For anyone who would go abroad more often if the cost wasn’t so high, Norwegian Air has great news: $69 flights from the United States to Europe. And they may be here as early as 2017.

How? It’s all thanks to the Boeing 737 MAX. The new narrow-body, fuel-efficient aircraft flies for lower fuel costs and can fly into smaller regional airports. That means lower fuel costs and cheaper landing fees which could significantly lower the price of a ticket.

Of course, that means leaving from smaller airports like Westchester County instead of JFK in the United States. Once you’re in Europe, some major cities may be bypassed altogether. While a Norwegian Air spokesman mentioned cities like Edinburgh, Scotland and Bergen, Norway as destinations we didn’t see London or Paris on the list. That may mean skipping the airport lounges at your favorite hubs, or even hopping on a train to get to your final European destination.

However with flights to Europe averaging $1000 or more in 2016, it would take a considerable amount of inconvenience to outweigh the savings. However, there are a few caveats. In the near future you will only be able to get these fares on one way flights. And although Norwegian has 100 of the new Boeing 737 MAXs on order, only five will be ready for 2017 so availability might be low.

The better news? If Norwegian does make this game-changing move, it won’t be long before other airlines follow suit. And that’s plenty of reason to get excited.

You can read more about Norwegian Air’s plans here.

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